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Plan, then do.

The F5 Marketing Tune-up

Strategy before tactics. Seems simple enough, yet most businesses in the $1-$40 million revenue range are so busy putting out fires, they never take the time to truly assess what the company needs from a strategic perspective. The F5 Marketing Tune-up is all about strategy—to inform which tactics need funding and which are drains on resources.

Capabilities: We can do it all, but should we?

The F5 Marketing Tune-up tells us what you should be doing to promote your brand—it’s laser focus versus hit and miss.

1. Strategy

2. Brand

  • Creative Development
    • Copywriting
    • Graphic Design
    • Website Development
    • Sales Materials
    • Packaging
    • Etc.

3. Execute

  • Digital Marketing
    • Google Ads/Remarketing
    • Content Marketing
    • Email Marketing
    • Video Marketing
    • Social Media
    • SEO
  • Marketing Analytics
    • Measure, analyze & refine
  • Advertising
    • Print
    • TV
    • Radio
  • Public Relations
  • DRTV (Infomercials)
  • Sales & Distribution Support

About Doug Edwards

Doug has more than 24 years of marketing experience and has worked inside Fortune 500 companies and brands. In fact, he’s managed multiple $100MM brands over his career, including Cat Chow, Meow Mix, OxiClean and Case Logic. Recently, he’s found the same level of success working with companies in the $1-$40 million revenue range.

What’s your biggest marketing challenge?

F5 Anywhere – With video conferencing and screen sharing, we can do business without the expense and lost time of travel.

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