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  • Jim Allen

    “Doug’s guidance led directly to increased sales and greater customer interest in our products and services. It’s amazing that after such a short time of evaluation, we were able to see the results so soon after implementation.

    I highly recommend Doug and F5 to any company that has a desire to increase their sales and revenue via any type of marketing. He will definitely be our ‘on call’ marketing manager from this point on.”

  • Craig Lewis


    “F5 can best be described in two words; spot on! Doug has the experience and talent to think strategically and tactically, as well as the creative ability to develop breakthrough ideas. He worked hard to understand our brand, culture and business objectives and delivered far more than I expected. I highly recommend F5.”

  • Justin Crawford

    Agents of Efficiency

    “Doug’s vast marketing experience working with both small and gigantic companies alike is evident in his work. Doug is one of the most talented branding and marketing strategists I’ve had the privilege of working with.”

  • Mark Pettyjohn

    Chinook Seedery

    Doug has a thorough understanding of how to make a product launch successful and an impressive track record to prove it. That’s exactly what we needed. Doug is a creative guy who really likes to win – essential features of any successful start-up.”

  • Brian Methner

    Methner & Associates

    “F5 was the perfect solution. Doug aptly guided our strategy and overall marketing efforts while remaining sharply focused on ROI and bottom line profit growth. The F5 team delivered flawless execution making the whole process far simpler than managing multiple agencies.”

  • Steve Breitman

    Mindful Business Solutions

    “Doug is one of the most creative marketing and branding professionals I have ever worked with. For years I struggled with describing my business in a compelling way that people really understood. Doug accomplished in a short time what I couldn’t do in seven years. I also appreciate Doug’s business mind. His ideas have a practical side that makes them easier to implement and allows them to fit your cash flow.”

  • Don Wilde

    Engineering Job Future

    “Doug is a phenomenally supportive person who engages fully. His broad span of marketing experience gives him incredibly valuable insight and amazing creativity. Highly recommended!”

See what our work has accomplished.

A software company’s sales were declining. It wasn’t just a revised website or tagline that turned things around. We take a comprehensive approach. In this case, small adjustments to pricing, service offering, product strategy, sales strategy, positioning and promotion led to $1.8 million in sales growth. It often doesn’t take an overhaul, but rather just tweaks, to get sales moving in the right direction.

A baked goods company wanted to build incremental sales growth through the introduction of new products. Our approach was to start by identifying an unmet consumer need; the US Hispanic population was growing rapidly and the segment was underserved in Grocery, Mass and Club retail channels. We developed an authentic product line representing each of the three largest groups (Mexican, Puerto Rican and Cuban). Sales exceeded $17 million in the first year because retailers were excited about the opportunity to attract a growing segment of consumers, drive sales in the entire store (not just in the bakery) and differentiate from competition. The product line was heralded as the most innovative product launch of the year by the IDDBA (the leading baked goods association) and prominently showcased in their annual trade show.

A high quality oilfield equipment fabrication company was suffering from declining sales due to low cost/low quality competitors. Revising the brand message to focus on the exorbitant cost of equipment failure (man hours, down time and loss of productivity) that can result from using low quality suppliers helped to convincingly communicate that it pays to invest in quality. More focused and efficient promotional tools helped get that message to the decision makers at a lower cost. The downward sales trend turned upwards.

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