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The Fortune 500 advantage for your business.

How optimism can doom any product launch to failure.Play

Here are the questions the jaded consumer demands you answer.

You’ve come up with a brilliant product. Great, congratulations. Now it’s time to put away that initial excitement and start looking at your new idea the way consumers will— quickly and mercilessly.

To win, we need to FULLY understand the following:

  • Competition – Who’s really competing with you? It’s not always the obvious.
  • Packaging – Can yours beat the three-second rule?
  • Branding – How to look bigger than you are.
  • Distribution Strategy – Everyone wants distribution—Let’s get a whole lot more detailed.
  • Promotion Strategy – It’s different than advertising. And considerably more powerful.
  • Target Market – How not trying to win more consumers can help you win more sales.
  • Positioning – There’s one thing you can say that no one else can. What is it?
  • Product Strategy – The big guys grow through line extensions. You can too.
  • Pricing Strategy – There’s a science to it. And we’d be happy to share the formula.
  • Marketing Research – The better you understand your target, the more you’ll sell.

The F5 Marketing Tune-up™

What a product launch is to the most successful companies—and what it isn’t.

To us, getting all of the pieces working together, instead of going to market half-cocked, is how you stack the deck and put your brand on top. Fix the fundamentals and sales soar. That’s how successful companies—and we—approach a product launch, B2B or B2C.

Here’s everything you need to do it right, and avoid costly mistakes. We won’t just tell you what we think and leave you to do it—we’ll put it all into action.

Meet your virtual Chief Marketing Officer.

Doug has more than 24 years of marketing experience and has worked inside Fortune 500 companies and brands. He conceived and launched OxiClean Carpet which sold $10MM in the first year alone. He turned around the non-premium cat food category for Purina. And, he launched the laptop case category for Case Logic and grew it to be their largest category of sales internationally.


Read what they say—they say a lot.

“Doug has a thorough understanding of how to make a product launch successful and an impressive track record to prove it. That’s exactly what we needed.”

— Mark Pettyjohn, Chinook Seedery

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